A permanent outdoor obstacle training facility. Covering 10 acres and loaded with multi level obstacles to test your strength, endurance and grit.

We utilize the outdoors along with man made and natural obstacles for improved physical and mental fitness and over all personal development.

Adults and kids of all skill levels welcome.

Helping people improve their fitness, health, and overall life, one obstacle at a time.


Open Course Time

Enjoy 2+ hours of being outdoors playing on obstacles, having fun, getting fit, and discovering how far you can push yourself. Book a spot anytime during our open hours.



(W)ilderness living, (I)mprovisation, (F)ire craft, remote (M)edicine, and (S)urvival or better known as WIFM School of Survival provides the highest quality training at an affordable price. We teach foundational survival skills through to the more advanced true-to-life survival scenario experiences. If you are new to the outdoors and want to learn basic skills, or are an experienced outdoorsperson looking to expand your knowledge, our courses are for you. We offer something for everyone.

Our courses demand sound leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, improvisation, and problem solving skills presenting students with unique challenges designed to test the very basis of survival.  In addition to survival programs, we build upon the principles of Wilderness Medicine teaching remote and improvised medicine courses utilizing self-aid and buddy-aid philosophies.

Marble Surface


As hard-core or as fun as you want.  3 courses with three choices for attacking each obstacle (Easy, Medium, Hard).  Very friendly and helpful owners!



Derti is an outstanding facility for people to find their own level of grit and push themselves at their own pace. Positive coaches, welcome atmosphere and competition if you want it. Can’t believe the strength gains I’ve made in 6 months!



The unconventional gym, where veryone fits in, no matter their level. No diet talks! Just pick heavy shit up, climb 8 foot walls, and be your own badass! Love your place!



Great place with great obstacles.  the hosts are EXCELLENT coaches and very welcoming.




129 Rochester Rd.

Northwood, NH 03261



Monday-Tuesday 9am-7pm

Closed Wednesday

Thursday-Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am-5pm