How we got started in obstacle course racing.

Updated: Feb 16

Brian and I completed our first obstacle course race in 2012!

Do I want to do a what?

Believe it or not I was invited to an obstacle course race before Brian. A friend of mine asked if I would attend the Warrior Dash with them. When they first asked me I had no idea what they were talking about but I trusted them, so I committed. Shortly after, the realization, or should I say fear, set in that I hadn't ran a day in my life. I was just a horse training farm girl that was usually down for a good time, especially if it meant getting dirty. I now believe my friend was very strategic in knowing this before she asked me to join. I started adding 1 mile walk/jogs to my days, thinking this would surely help me be better prepared for the "race". Brian was very fit, with constantly going to the gym for numerous years, so I decided he would be able to carry me out of the woods if things went bad. It didn't take much to convince him that he was going to join us. And good thing he did, or else I would have toed the start line alone. The friend that had invited me ended up being late to the start time and we never saw them until after the race.

From start to finish.

At the start line, we were terrified that we weren't prepared for such a physically taxing event. Then we heard the start line host asking how many people "drank last night?" and how many people "stayed up late and partied the night before?".....WHAT!!?!?! We, mmhhmm, I took preparing for this event seriously and couldn't see how people could attempt something like this as if it were just a regular Saturday thing.

Well, the horn went off and we began up what seemed to be the biggest hill I have ever climbed, but we made it with ease, as others struggled. We approached obstacles and overcame them with ease, as others struggled. We finished the race crawling through the thickest mud I have ever encountered, and remember, I'm a farm girl. We crossed the finish line holding up our pants, so they wouldn't fall off from the weight of the mud, received our medals, and experienced for the first time what "You will know at the finish line." meant. he feeling of accomplishment, team work, comradery, and empowerment was something that can not be explained, only felt when you cross the finish line of an obstacle course race.

Sign us up for more!

This was something new for both of us, something outside of both of our comfort zones, something we conquered together, and we wanted more! Once we arrived home we looked up when the next "obstacle course race" near us was. We sat for hours watching videos of Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, saying things like "that is crazy!", "how is that even possible", "why would anyone want to put them selves through that?", "where do we sign up?".

2013 was the year we learned A LOT! We signed up for almost every race we could find that fit in our schedule. We constantly tried inviting others with us, but no one would come. Everyone thought we were nuts. Brian and I ran every race together. I needed the moral support from him, and I think he used me as his excuse to "go slow" and figure things out. With OCR being new, there wasn't anything in terms of places to train or coaches to follow to gain any guidance. So, with every race we learned what we needed to work on and went home and put in work.

Creating Derti

Putting in the work for me meant learning more about how to build agility and endurance in my body, as I was already pretty fit and strong from doing farm work 365 days a year. I began taking structured fitness more seriously and Brian began building obstacles for us to practice on. What started as just a few obstacles in our back yard behind our farm has now turned into 10 acres of 100+ obstacles that we utilize to not only to coach others to prepare for obstacle course races, but as an out of the box way to become more fit, and metaphorically prepare people for life's obstacles. We currently have 8 years of experience racing, training, and coaching. If you are looking to level up your fitness, health and your life, please consider checking out

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