Upcoming Events 

Race Simulation Sundays.
This is your best way to Prepare for ANY and all Obstacle course races
(Spartan, Savage, OCRWC, Terrain, Rugged, Bonefrog)
Dates: 5/3, 5/10, 7/5, 7/26, 96, 9/20, 9/27 and 11/1.
Posture/Gait - February 8, 2020
Rope Climb- March 7, 2020

Drop In Events $20

"Wheel Of Misfortune"

March 28th, 9am-5pm

(start & finish as you desire)

"Shiroyama" Workout

April 11th

(Start 9am or 10am on

either Sat & or Sun)

Memorial "Murph"

May 25th, Begin between 9am-1pm

(Free workout, Donations accepted)

"An Extension of H*ll"

August 22nd & 23rd

(Any time you desire between

8am-8pm Sat & or Sun)

"Laboring Labor Day"

September 7th, Run starts at 10am

(Bring a dish for Pot Luck

if you wish to stay after)

This is to be probably the most relaxed way of completing a 50k that you will find. From the base of the gym we will run a 5K or 10k (runners choice) starting at 8am. Run at your own pace or with friends. We will have 2 separate trail runs set up for a 5k 0r 10k turnaround so sights and terrain will change (these trail runs will NOT be through the obstacle courses) Any down time can be spent hanging with friends in or around the gym sharing stories. You may wish to complete as many runs as you can with a goal of hitting that 25 or 50k mark. Choose your run times (however many you wish to do) on any hours between 8am and 5pm)
We will conduct a BBQ at the end of the final run all food and drinks for this dinner covered by registration cost.

(25% off for members, register at facility to receive discount)
Family is encouraged to join or stop in as nonparticipants to support runners at no cost, nonparticipants wishing to attend BBQ may purchase meal ticket through registration for $10 or $15 on site.

May 23rd, 2020


D.E.R.T. is an Endurance event that will go up to 36hrs.  

You will be tasked with challenges or dare I say games to which you as a pair and group will need to complete.

The program is designed to take as close to the 36hr mark as possible but if your group can figure things out and move along in record time you may finish early.  If the group is working on the final task and the 36hr mark rolls by, the unfinished participants will not be considered finishers.

Bring a partner you trust and feel you are sure you can work with then come put that to the real test. 

If a partner taps out or is pulled out for any reason the remaining individual may continue with the understanding that his or her task will be become horrifically tougher.

D.E.R.T. is a partner event so you must be a pair of 2 to start.  Registration is for a pair, he or she who registers must show up with any partner they wish (18yrs of age or older), no need to inform Derti Development who it will be.

A checklist will be provided and all items listed must be present for each pair.

(Example 2019 D.E.R.T. checklist was 4 bricks, sleeping bag, pillow, tent, backpack, Camelback, axe, ping pong balls, sharpie, sand shovel and $30 cash.)

Nothing extreme will be required, and this checklist will be finalized and provided by the end of April 2020.

There is no amazing prize for the completion of D.E.R.T. other than signed memorial plaque and finisher Hoodie so only sign up of you are truly wanting to become the most confident you that you could dream of becoming.

June 27th-28th, 2020

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