Looking for a unique, intense, demanding & Rewarding event.  Derti Development is a one of a kind facility with countless options.  

We have put together these formats to test your ability levels and determine just how much "Grit" you truely have.

Any of these challeges can take anywhere from an hour and a half to 48hr.  So the next time you have a "Non Race" weekend consider a true challenge and see if you have what it takes to take home the Finishers shirt.


Schedule your next test by simply calling Brian at 603-233-4461 or Kati @ 603-320-4043 and register with button above.  

Be advised you will ONLY receive the finishers shirt if you complete the challenge properly (possible for anyone with GRIT)!

This series is BRUTAL!  In order to earn your one of a kind limited Red eyed Punisher skull medal you will need to complete the “Derti Animal”, the “Derti Body Blitz”, the “Derti Stash” AND the “Derti Beard” all in a 48hr window.  You may complete these routines in any order that you wish.  You must complete all failure burpees where owed and complete all obstacles that do not have a fail option (Carries, Crawls etc.)


This registration is for your 48hr pass.  Bring gear for overnight if you desire.  You will be able to pitch a tent on the property, use our grill and or as it has been done many times already, crash in the gym when you want.  You will receive a finishers shirt for each program you complete, the "Derti Trio" medal if all (Derti Beard, Derti Stash & Derti Body Blitz) get completed.  Finally the Limited one of a kind "Punisher Series" finisher medal if all 4 routines are completed within the 48hr period.

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