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Derti is a permanent outdoor obstacle training facility.


Covering 10 acres of land and loaded with natural and man made multi level obstacles to test your physical and mental fitness.

Adults and kids ages 4 and up of all skill levels are welcome.

At Derti we believe that utilizing your body the way it was designed to with the acts of running, jumping, climbing, hanging, swinging, and crawling help develop and maintain overall fitness.

With most obstacles at Derti having 3-4 difficulty levels, whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or an advanced athlete, Derti has the level for you. 

We are not just a fitness gym, we are a personal development gym. Where all areas of your life will improve through building confidence and being surrounded by people motivated to consistently strive for bettering themselves in all areas of life.

Brian and Kati Turcotte are devoted to helping others discover the best version of themselves with the use of obstacle course training.

Brian and Kati have been involved with Obstacle Course Racing since 2012. Completing events such as Spartan Sprints, Spartan Supers, Spartan Beasts, Tough Mudders, Spartan Ultras, Bonefrog Challenges, and many others.
Brian is the builder and creator of Derti Development. His creative mind is never ending with possibilities to test your physical and mental limits. He has used all 10 acres at Derti to build 3 amazing courses that run through the woods, totaling 2.5 miles with limitless obstacles. When he is not making improvements and new obstacles at Derti, he can be found traveling the east coast on the build crew for Bonefrog.
Kati has a background in Equine Assisted Learning where she utilized horses as a modality to teach people about body awareness. She now uses similar techniques using the obstacles at Derti to help people conquer fears and push through limiting beliefs to become the best version of them selves physically and mentally. Kati has recently taken on a part time role working with Spartan Kids, where she travels the country helping kids discover the best version of themselves.
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Tel. 603-932-4930


Monday - Friday 9:00am-7:00pm

Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm

Drop in's must be booked in advance.